New Volunteer Opportunity for Retired & Experienced CASA Volunteers. 

Learn to become a Peer Coach!

Columbia Gorge CASA has an innovative volunteer support program called "Peer Coaching” which has been adopted by CASA programs across the state and around the country.  This model uses experienced CASA volunteers to coach and guide new CASA volunteers – much like Susan Baldwin currently does. 

 This model has been so effective for 3 reasons:

  1. It provides volunteers with an experienced advocate who can guide and coach them as their case progresses.
  2. It allows retired volunteers to continue to help children by utilizing all of their experience and knowledge without having to take on the commitment of active cases.
  3. It provides Columbia Gorge CASA the capacity to increase the number of volunteers we can support without having to find funding to hire another full time staff person.

Here are some of the key components about being a Peer Coach:

  •  Initial and on-going training will be provided on how to be a successful Peer Coach.
  • Peer Coaches are usually assigned to 3-5 CASA volunteers at any given time.
  • Peer Coaches help volunteers get started on their new case and develop a case plan.
  • Peer Coaches assist volunteers with court reports as needed and reviews/edits the report as needed before sending it to the CASA office for submittal to the court.
  • Peer Coaches meet with their assigned volunteers to be a sounding board and cheerleader.  On occasion they also might attend a hearing or meeting with the volunteer or fill in for the volunteer as needed.

Contact us if you would like more information! 

Volunteer Resources

CASA volunteers are the heart of our organization and its mission.  Our primary commitment to our volunteers is to ensure that they receive the training, resources, and support that they need to be engaged and effective advocates. 

This new Volunteer Resource webpage was developed to provide easy access to the documents, reference materials and training resources that advocates frequently need.  These links can be found on the left hand side of this page.  As we continue to build this page, more links will be added every week.  Suggestions are welcome!